FishNtheSea - a geographical game of biodiversity

Play to collect images of living things - outside you can play with a camera and GPS, and inside you can play within this GeographicallyIndexed web site. The game can be played at many levels -  from a sit-down slideshow tour of the world,  to diving into the deep blue sea, taking pictures of wahoo and barracuda as they rocket past. The goal is to populate maps with natural  images, and learn about the fantastic, beautiful and diverse plants and animals we have the pleasure to share this world with.  How you win and advance are two things that are being developed - presently you win by finding EasterEggs, and WormHoles and CollectingImages of our fellow inhabitants.

NavigationalTips for FishNtheSea help you get started.

What's covered?  lists places that are populated with images.  Each place is labeled with the name of the continent or ocean it can be found, and the general latitude and longitude.  One of the game's goals is to make players able to use geographic coordinates to find locations on maps..

Checkout how to add your pictures and feedback.   With your help this game will improve.  

It is made possible by Scripps Oceanography -(SIO), and is dedicated toWilliamRitter , SIO's founder. Thanks also to the many people (CREDITS) who are already playing this game and sharing their pictures, and to the Explorers Club and the San Diego Underwater Photographic Society.

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