A game where players access and add to a world of natural information, geographically indexed. The product of the game is a flexible memory repository consisting of  html, image, and any other type of digital files indexed by their geographic location.  The database has the capability of being fractally expanded, cloned and individualized to suit various needs.  The ObjectoftheGame is to: 1)learn about the world in a natural, fun and easy to approach manner. 2) to make your name go higher up the CREDITS bracket  adding to the game content, 3) learn about the diversity of earth, 4) learn about the geography of earth, 5) find EasterEggs.

This game can be played passively in front of a computer, or actively outside with a gps unit and a camera.  The goal is to explore the world and see what's there.  If future generations of fishermen grow to appreciate the most valuable treasure we have here on earth - the diversity of life and understand the importance of retaining it, we'll all be the richer.  Cordially you are invited to play the fishnthesea game.  It's pretty easy, just take a look around you and notice what's living there.  Go to your yards, go to parks, go on far-flung expeditions and take pictures labeled with their GPS location.  Do a little resesarch to find out what the creatures scientific name are. Email the labeled pictures and a text file with the following information, 1 line per picture:
picture filename ; Title; Common Name; Scientific Name; latitude, longitude; Date; Photographer name
Send them or ftp them to a folder you create on the ftp site, and we will develop this game into something fun and useful for education.  This site can be used as a wrapper, or skin for any kind of database. Geographic indexing makes sense.  We hope you consider playing the game and following William Ritter's admonition that we all become naturalists.

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